​Everyone wants beautiful, blemish free skin. Here are some simple tasks to add to your daily regimen to help you achieve your goals!

1. Stretch for 15 minutes.

Getting up in the morning and stretching or going for a walk is one of the 5 easy steps to having perfect skin.

2. Drink a Green Juice.

Make a green juice out of cucumber, ginger, green apple, parsley, lemon, and a teaspoon of spirulina.

3. Controlled Exfoliation.

It is always important to exfoliate your skin but you should only exfoliate about 14 days out of a month because your skin is a barrier that helps keep all the harmful bacteria out.

4. Protect your face.

In order to have perfect skin you must always wear sunscreen or some type of nylon zincoxide to protect your skin from the suns harmful rays.

5. Cleanse your skin.

You should cleanse your skin every night before bed to get all of the dirt and make up off your skin so you do not have a lot of build up in your pores.

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