Evo is a company with no gimmicks. All ingredients are active and there are no additives. These products are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free. This means you’ll never experience irritation of the skin, hair or eyes, never have to worry about exposure to dangerous chemicals, and will always have healthy, smooth, and damage free hair!! No matter what, you know what you are getting with evo products, making them Spoil Me Rotten’s most trusted shampoo and conditioner.

So why Evo?

-Evo does not use animals to test their products and use 100% recyclable materials. In addition, all products which cannot be sold are given to the homeless.

-This company creates non-gender specific products, making them perfect for the whole family!

-Investing in healthy hair with Evo means spending less money in the long run. Evo is a highly concentrated product which means you only need a tiny bit of product for each use. Most other products in comparison require significantly more product each use in order to get proper lather and coverage of the hair.

-Evo is only available through salons, which means not only are you supporting an incredible product, but you are also supporting your local entrepreneurs and the hard work they put in to make you feel beautiful on a regular basis!