Body Waxing

From eyebrows to men’s or woman’s intimate services Hair removal has made great strides throughout the years. Now more than ever clients have endless options when it comes to hair removal. Lasers may be the new darlings on the hair removal circuit, but good old waxing never goes out of style, and it’s still the option that the majority of men and women choose when it’s time to ditch the fuzz.

At Spoil Me Rotten, we give you a choice for your hair removal needs. “It’s not just about what we remove, it’s about what we leave behind…healthy skin!”. Our wax services can be performed with any of the following options:

Stripless Hard Wax - Patented shrink wrap technology allows the wax to bind to the hair, not to the skin, resulting in a less painful, less irritating wax. As close to painless as you can get!

Gourmet Wax - Tried and true, our Gourmet Wax is infused with essential oils and Vitamin E to reduce irritation and redness.

Honey Wax - Beauty in the basics, our Honey Wax is enriched with skin-calming Azulene.