Brazilian / Keratin Treatments

The Brazilian Blowout is customizable, has no down time, is great for all hair types, will not make your curls disappear forever, and all you have to do is wash and condition your hair with the official Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner every day to keep it up to 12 weeks

Brazilian Blowout delivers Intensive repair which strengthens and restores the natural elasticity caused by the damage of bleaching, coloring or blow drys and heating implements during daily use. Brazilian Blowout deeply moisturizes the hair, providing stronger, shiny hair,eliminating frizz It also locks in your color and cuts your styling time down by 1/3 leaving the hair with an incredible shine because it closes the cuticle and seals it so light bounces off with reflection and a radiant shine.

Dont get over charged with Fancy gimmicks!
We also have a treatment that will allow you to Keep your lovely curl if you prefer not to have completely straight hair. This treatment is also by Brazilian Blowout and it is called ZERO. This will soften your curl and eliminate the frizz so you can wash and wear and enjoy your beautiful curl.