Advanced Color / Color Correction

Fantastic Color is Our Specialty

Our Hair Coloring Salon Service - We can create the latest color effects that are right for you and your lifestyle. We can solve any color problem, using the finest hair products and the most advanced techniques to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


Are you the person with an unfortunate allergic reaction to paraphenylenediamine (PPD)?

Well now you can have fun and color your hair because Bed Head’s TIGI color doesn’t have PPD in it, and it’s just as beautiful and long lasting as any other color.

A High End Italian line / Specializing in the hottest European looks High fashion colors, vibrant reds and breath taking blondes.

KeraHold™ Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Crème Hair Color

KeraHold replenishes keratin and synergistically fills the porosity caused by traditional coloring processes. Keratin is driven deep into the hair shaft to even out the hair’s porosity, allowing color to anchor inside the cortex for long-lasting, even and brilliant results.

Our exclusive KeraHold technology is based on three components of protection for color longevity, healthy shine and brilliant results.

1.Keratin molecules penetrate the hair shaft, reducing porosity for even color distribution.
2.Micro-pigmentation technology allows small color molecules to link together inside the cortex for superior, long-lasting results.
3.Wheat protein fuses the cuticle to seal in softness and shine.