Salon Services

​This is about salon services.

Our Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions make you look and feel sexy

Hair extensions: Every method available to fit any budget.

Methods include:
Keratin bonds
Cold fusion
Clip In’s

Totally undetectable. No one will be able to see them even if you put your hair up… We can give you the sexy look you’ve been looking for, whether it is just for the night or for the long term.

Other Hair Extension possibilities

If you want to add some highlights without using chemicals. We have Fashion Highlights available in all sorts of fun colors.
Feather hair extensions
Tinsel hair extensions

Please call for your complimentary consultation. Tina is the most experienced Hair Extension Expert on the island

All sales of hair and extension services are final and nonrefundable

Brazilian & Chi Straightening

You know how beautiful you look and feel when your hair is ultra straight

Keratin Straightening

Do you want Straight, Smooth & Sexy Hair?

The keratin treatment straightens hair without damaging it. The treatment can be applied to all types of hair, such as chemically treated and virgin hair, and leaves it in a healthier condition afterward.

Your hair will not be permanently straight. It starts off straight and slowly reverts back to its natural state. The keratin treatment lasts 3 months. However, as you repeat the treatment, it will last longer each time and you can watch the quality of your hair improve.

With proper care and the use of keratin reinforcement products, the life of your Brazilian Blowout will be more extensive.

Our salon offers the original Brazilian Blowout - also known as a keratin treatment!

The keratin straightening is made in Brazil.

The treatment is keratin based. Keratin is the primary protein found in our skin, hair, and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its natural, shiny, smooth, and conditioned state.

You can eliminate the excessive use of thermal tools, such as flat ironing, every day to eliminate frizz or to straighten your curl daily.

You can wash your hair the same day and it will dry in 1/3 of the time if took before!

If you want to save time on styling and want your style to last longer without frizzing, this is perfect for you.

Keratin Babassu moisturizing treatment.

This treatment is not for straightening. It’s like a deep conditioning, deep moisturizing treatment. It’s Rich in vitamin E and Babassu moisturizing oil. This comes from a palm tree in the south eastern Amazon region in Brazil

Professional Makeup

Get your Makeup done right the first time.

We use many different professional brands of makeup and we feature TIGI Bed Head Makeup.

TIGI Bed Head makeup has won the Salons Most Professional award for the past 7 years. It is full of vitamins and minerals. TIGI Bed Head makeup is made to compliment any skin type whether you’re dry, oily or anything in between. It’s made to keep your face evenly moisturized for a fresh makeup look all night long.

We also use MAC makeup for those flawless high-definition photo shoots and T.V.

For those of you who like airbrush makeup, we will add it on to your makeup service for no additional charge.

We have a full line of professional makeup with testers and a professional makeup artist to help you choose the proper color combinations for your skin.