Spa Facials


Smooth,beautiful,radiant skin. Our Osmosis professional treatments are effective on every skin condition giving you

unparalleled results that will promote, repair, and remodel the skin while restoring its health and beauty. Our most common facials include:

Deep Clean: Clear your mined and your pores with this facial. Our Deep Clean is perfect for oily congested and acne prone skin and includes sonic brush exfoliation, extraction, pore minimizing clay mask, and serums that will balance the moisture of the skin without excess oil as well as fight bacteria in the skin.

Plump and Firm: This facial is all about preventing and reversing collagen loss that happens as we age. High frequency current, rich emollients, vitamin C, A, and stem cell therapy are used to combat the early stages of ageing, also an excellent facial to fallow up a Rejuvenating Facial Infusion for people with more advanced ageing of the skin.

Using pure medical skincare results in younger more lustrous skin. Complete you experience with luscious Siberian mink lash extensions, our french advanced waxing or a gorgeous glowing spray tan. Go ahead, spoil yourself and be flawless.