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try not to cry

Spoil Me Rotten Salon is more than a salon; it's a tale of resilience and dreams. My journey through hair, interrupted by a battle with breast cancer, fueled my dream of creating a haven for growth and inspiration. In our early days, it was just me and my daughter – from her assisting with nails to pursuing hair school. Together, we began our story in a charming second-level studio overlooking the water in Key West, weaving compassion into every strand of our narrative.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on our second-level studio, a setback we thought 

marked the end of our dreams. Little did we know, it was a transformative new beginning. From the rubble emerged a new location, offering more space for growth and welcoming a wave of talented and collaborative stylists into what has evolved into our cherished family. Our journey, resilient and inspiring, continues to unfold, reminding us that even in the face of destruction, the seeds of opportunity and growth can sprout. 

Amidst the joy of working with wedding parties, our love for learning blossomed. We proudly became the premier salon for local Key West weddings, but our true passion lay in the world of hair color and extensions. Fueled by dedication, we redirected our energy, attending hair shows and traveling the country to further our knowledge of color and hair extensions.

Following our resilient move to a new haven, five years of unwavering dedication have woven the fabric of our story. Today, we proudly cherish a team that thrives on open communication and crafts breathtaking color transformations. From the elegance of platinum blondes to the vibrancy of fashion hues, our stylists work their magic. Each member, equipped with skills in hair extensions, shares a profound passion for changing lives—one strand at a time. The talented souls we've attracted continuously educate themselves, ensuring we offer a personalized touch that fulfills every guest's unique desires. Together, we live the dream we once envisioned.

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